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“How sweet a thought,
How strange a deed,
To house such glory in a seed
A berry, shining rufously,
Like scarlet coral in the sea!
A berry, rounder than a ring,
So round, it harbours everything;
So red, that all the blood of men
Could never paint it so again.
And, as I hold it in my hand,
A fragrance steals across the land,
Rich, on the wintry heaven, I see
A white, immortal hawthorn-tree.”

Mary Webb

We have a large range of seeds and berries pictures all of which can be purchased as:

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Our collection is continually expanding as more images are added month on month.

We are one of the very few sites based in the UK and probably the world, concentrating on the supply of commercial quality seeds and berries images. All of our images are taken in the wild without disturbing or harming the plants in any way which probably makes us unique within the plant photography world.

One of our main aims is to help promote education and awareness of wildflowers both in urban and country environments through the medium of photography. We do not recieve any funding or help from outside sources and we are not out to make money. All charges for pictures, prints etc are put back into the running of the site and the collection of more pictures.

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